The strength of wiki's is in that anyone can edit them! However, that means we may have a few party poopers who are here just to vandalize, troll, blank, be uncivil and basically screw it up. Luckily, most of us aren't like that, and we have a short guide about:

    Vandalism   *gasp*

Why Vandalism SucksEdit

There are countless reasons why vandalism is so stupid, here are a few:

Page historiesEdit

  • All prior page revisions are saved. You may think that by deleting a section of content, adding gibberish or doing whatever to the page, that we can't do anything about it. We can. It may have taken you a few minutes to vandalize a page, but it takes a regular contributor just seconds to change it back. Is it really worth the effort?
  • We can revert edits very quickly and we can select a prior (clean) version of the page to restore if we choose.

Recent changes patrolEdit

  • Contributors greatly out number vandals on this wiki. Somebody or probably multiple people will review every single edit made and know whether or not it is vandalism. Your edit is unlikely to slip through un-noticed by our editors.

Rollback and administratorsEdit

  • Rollback is an extremely powerful anti-vandalism tool. All administrators have it by default. The rollbacker right can be granted to just about any trusted editor that asks for it. One click and something that may have taken you several minutes to do, is changed back in a flash. Even if your vandalism was performed over a series of consecutive multiple edits, it is no matter to a rollbacker. They can revert all your edits with a single action. Literally one click, and it is as if you were never there. Again, is it really worth trying?
  • Administrators can see what is going on and there is a page where any editor may report users who constantly vandalize. So really, you are going to get banned very quickly.
  • If you constantly make vandal socks, we can block your IP address; meaning you can't contribute again until the block expires, which may take months, years or never happen at all. What is the point?


You will be blocked. Your IP address may be blocked, and your edits will be undone in mere seconds.

-Taken from Backyard Monsters Wiki