As a player seeks to upgrade the power of their Pets, they use a process called “Surge” in order to upgrade their level. For some levels, this Surging will only require a bit of gold. Along the way to increasing its level, the Pet will have to make it through certain Surge Points, requiring a special material called a Surge Pill.

A pets' Surge Level can be seen in the Pet menu. The color of their name will show which phase of Surge they are in, and the number will show how far into that phase of Surge they are.

Different levels of cost different quantities and colors of Surge Pills.

You can synthesize Surge Pills to the next level by clicking your inventory, clicking on the surge pill, then click 'Synthesize'. You will typically need 10 Surge Pills of one level to synthesize it to the next Surge Pill.

Type of Surge PillsEdit

Pet skill g
Green – The basic level of Surge
Pet skill b
Blue – The second level of Surge, unlocking a pet’s second skill
Pet skill p
Purple – The third level of Surge, unlocking a pet’s third skill
Pet skill o
Orange – The fourth level of Surge, greatly increases the pet’s power
- Gold - The fifth level of Surge, enormously increasing the pet's power
- Red - The final level of Surge, transforming your pet into the 'True' version (Ex: True Hades, True Borik, True Ice Turtle, True Mephisto, etc.)
For you to level your pet to Max Level you will need: 5 Green, 30 Blue, 35 Purple, 25 Orange, 5-35 Gold, and 5-35 Red.


Pills can be acquired by chance using the Chance Prizes. They are also dropped in the world as rewards for certain maps.


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