Think you are the true master of the shadow fist? Perhaps you’re looking to learn a few tricks for your next caper. This page is where comprehensive guides about the Gameplay and play strategies of Taichi Panda can be found!

  • Step 1 – Create your main page - To start, create the main page for your wiki. This should contain basic information about you as well as a Table of Contents that links to your other guide(s) (if you have any). Please create this main page even if you only plan on creating a single guide. This main page should be named in the following way:
       Your Wiki Name's Strategy Guides
  • Step 2 – Create your first Strategy Guide After creating the main page for all of your Strategy Guides, you will then need to create your first Strategy Guide. To do so, create another page which will be a sub-section for your Strategy Guides. This page should be named like this :
       our Wiki Name's Strategy Guides/Title of the Strategy Guide
    For example, if your name is PandaBro and you are making a Strategy Guide about Pets, you would have 2 pages:
    • PandaBro's Strategy Guides
    • PandaBro's Strategy Guides/Pets
    The first page should contain some information about you and a Table of Contents that would link to all of your Strategy Guides. The second page would contain your Guide itself and its associated strategies.
  • Step 3 (optional) – Add sub-Guides</strong> Some parts of the game may be a bit complicated, and you may want to create a highly detailed guide to fully explain you strategy. If so, you can consider making a sub-Guide to help organize your ideas for your guide!
    To do this, simply add another / to the end of the name and add another section. For example, if you were to have a Strategy Guide about beating a difficult boss as Pan Da and another about using Lulandore, you would create the following pages:
    • PandaBro's Strategy Guides
    • PandaBro 's Strategy Guides/Bosses
    • PandaBro 's Strategy Guides/Bosses/Pan Da
    • PandaBro 's Strategy Guides/Bosses/Lulandore
    The same pattern can be repeated many times adding a / to a section and adding a new sub-section. Eg. PandaBro's Strategy Guides/Pan Da/Equipment/Runes

  • When you are finished your pages should look something like this:
    • PandaBro's Strategy Guides - Main Page of all PandaBro 's Strategy Guides.
    • PandaBro 's Strategy Guides/Pan Da - Main page for how to play as Pan Da.
    • PandaBro 's Strategy Guides/Pan Da/Equipment - Sub-section telling the best equipment for Pan Da.
    • PandaBro s Strategy Guides/Pan Da/Pets - Sub-Section telling the best teams of Pets for Pan Da.
    • PandaBro 's Strategy Guides/Pan Da/Equipment/Runes - Sub-Section of the Equipment Section talking about the best Runes for Pan Da.
Please ensure:
  • The given Page Name format is used.
  • If you are still developing you strategy guide please to include put in large letters "Maintenance" on top of your Strategy Guide.

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