Runes are highly potent magical stones, inscribed with symbols of ancient wisdom. These items can be used to supplement the power of equipment, providing powerful stat boosts.

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Core Fire Water
Wind-but Earth-but
Wind Earth

Insetting RunesEdit

Players can begin insetting Runes into their equipment at level 19, beginning with . More gear will be made available for insetting at higher levels.

There are 5 main types of Runes: Core, Wind, Fire, Earth and Water. Each of these Runes has a specific socket on each gear, and only one Rune can fill that spot at any time.

For some higher level Runes, there are special buffs that can be gained for insetting multiple Runes from the same set into a single piece of equipment.

Upgrading RunesEdit


Runes have their own level, unlocking more attributes at higher levels. Besides the 5 main Runes, there is a special type of Rune called an Experience Rune. These are used specifically for upgrading.

To upgrade, simply click on a specific Rune and click “Upgrade”. Players can then choose which Runes to consume in order to level up the chosen Rune. They can choose any Runes, and the higher the quality of the Rune (for example, purple vs blue), the more points it will give towards upgrading.