In this guide I will be showing you how to earn refinement stones a lot faster than actually grinding for them in instances but it will take a lot of patience and requires a little bit of effort in earning them daily.

It is important in capitalizing your attributes and unlocking certain stats that come from runes that you will equip as you progress through the game. This is also prior on how most players achieve their "Mights" or just strength in "HP/Defense"and "Damage". Everything is related to one another in order for it to work, but I am only going to focus on one thing only to those users who do not know.

First, we can start off with the tab which is called the "Market" but I call it the Smelt Shop (just to make it easier and it works) The icon looks like this


In here you have to smelt purple gears or crappy orange gears that you do not want and exchange those crystals for refinement stones or whatever you desire (we will focus on refinement stones in here). If you are in a rush and just have no patience and also having a lot of "Market Tokens" lying around, you can refresh to find them quicker. Note: It is not a guaranteed of finding them.

Next, I think this is called the "Community" tab (just cause it interacts with players that are online and/or in the server) anyway it looks like a scarecrow. When you press that it will show 5 more tabs but we only need to focus on these two.


The first (Chest) is the "Pickpocket" tab where players are able to Pickpocket(Steal) recipe parts from other players in order to complete it and "Synthesize"


The tab for refinement stones will show listings of Small, Medium, and Large bundles of refinement stones if you have them. If you have Fortitude lying around, this is one of the useful places in order to spend them because not only you're spending it, you're earning little bits of exp, gold, possibly a chance of obtaining the item, and three random cards to choose from that could be a really good pick up! Note: I couldn't show the listings of the ores because I synthesized them all but you will understand once you have them.

The second (Crossed Swords) is the "Arena" tab where players are able to PvP in order to achieve a certain ranking and earn diamonds if they're in the top 1000s (you only earn diamonds based on each new high ranking position you achieved) Daily wise, you earn some gold and "Reputation" which can be also be exchanged for refinement stones or other self desires (again only focusing on refinement stones) It kinda looks like this, I already spent my reputation for refinement stones today but you get the point.


Lastly, we have the "Guild" tab where it can only be accessed if you're level 20 and in a guild for it to actually work.


In there when you press it, you can press the store on the very right side and exchange your guild "Contribution" for refinement stones but there is a limit based on your guild hall level. Note: You must contribute towards the Guild Hall daily using 20k Gold, 20 Diamonds, or 200 Diamonds in order to receive contribution.

That is the most of it in achieving refinement stones the Non-VIP way, I hope you learned a thing or two and I am glad that I have helped.

CREDIT - Requite