Players will not need to face the challenges of the world alone. Along the way, they will acquire and upgrade a collection of War Pets to support them throughout the levels. Each of these War Pets has their own unique progression, along with skills to unlock and two methods of being upgraded.


Firewalker Paladin Vile Spirit Vile Warlock Harpy
Firewalker Paladin Vile Spirit Vile Warlock Harpy

Wise dory

Pyrotaur Ice-dragon Fire-dragon Poison-dragon Phoenix
Pyrotaur Ice Dragon Death Wyrm Green Dragon Phoenix

Ice-phoenix Witch Boxer Swordsman Borik
Ice Phoenix Spirit Maiden wow wiki is fun Swordsman Borik

Sun Turtle
Sun Wukong Ice Turtle Sharp shooter Hades Nezha
Grubly Mephisto Captain Sam

War Pet SynthesisEdit

Throughout the world, there are special materials known as “Soulstones” that can be looted or earned. Certain difficult levels, especially Boss Levels and Elite Levels, will offer these Soulstones as rewards. Soulstones are specific to a particular War Pet, which will be represented by the picture of the item.

When 10 Soulstones are collected for a specific War Pet, that War Pet can be Synthesized.

Surge Level can be increased by spending Gold.Edit

Surge Level can be increased up to the player's current level. However, there are certain barriers that each war pet will reach, requiring them to consume Surge Pills to reach the next tier of Surge. These pills, coming in Green, Blue, Purple, Orange, and Gold can be found in the world. By passing these Breakthrough points, War Pets can unlock new skills which they can use in combat.


War Pets can also increase their stats through Evolution. Evolution consumes Soulstones. Each level of Evolution provides massive increases to the War Pets base stats, usually adding 300 might to your pet for each Evolution, and can offer special perks including increased player attack, boosts to other specific pets, higher Crit Damage, dick, and more.

In CombatEdit

War Pets can be brought into battle to fight alongside a player’s hero. At early levels, only one War Pet slot will be available. At level 16, a second slot will be available, allowing players to bring two separate teams of War Pets, with one pet per team which can be switched in battle at will. At level 23, these teams are expanded, allowing players to bring two teams of pets, with each team having two War Pets. Many War Pets have complimentary traits, especially at higher Evolution and Surge levels.


Once in the battle, War Pets act autonomously. When there are no enemies, the War Pet will follow the hero. When enemies appear, the War Pets will attack their nearest and most threatening enemy, using their available skills independently of the player’s own actions.

In addition, War Pets can acquire Rare Skills that can be activated by the player. These Rare Skills are unlocked at later levels.


When multiple teams of War Pets are brought into battle, they can easily be switched. However, there is a cool down before the teams can be switched back.

War Pets have their own health bar, and if they die they will no longer be available for the duration of the level and their Rare Skill won't be usable. War Pet death is not permanent, however, and the War Pet will still be available after the level.