-GamingSoon- Taichi Panda by Snail Games - Test Panda Class

-GamingSoon- Taichi Panda by Snail Games - Test Panda Class

Background StoryEdit

In the mysterious lands of the far East, there lived a strange and interesting race of creatures – the Pandas. It was from this enigmatic race that the hero Pan Da was raised, and for which he will risk life in limb to protect.

The Pandas lived in deep seclusion for eons upon eons, far from the bustle and hardship of the greater world around. In their lives of gentle simplicity, they developed intimate knowledge of the natural ways of things, acquiring a deep wisdom and attunement to the cosmos. With this deep abiding knowledge, the Pandas cultivated mastery in the martial arts, chief among them the Ultimate Shadow Fist – Taichi.

And then, one day, a small curiosity took hold, and the Pandas began to look outward, exploring the world beyond their little enclave. In a manner of years, every corner of the land of Avzar came to be inhabited by communities of furry Daoists, and the Pandas joined the thriving populace, sharing their knowledge and calm composure around the land.

Things have not been so good as they once were, however. In recent days, the Pandas of Avzar have begun to disappear. Some go away unseen, never to be heard from again. Others appear to vanish into a wisp of vapor, as onlookers watch helplessly. Something is amiss, and it is to uncover this mystery that Pan Da, a young disciple of the Shadow Fist style, must set out to uncover the cosmic unbalance threatening his people.


Arhat's Fury
Pan Da lays down the fury with his swift kicks at enemies in front of him with the Ire of Arhat!
Tornado Strike
Pan Da becomes one with the gale force of a tornado! He spins rapidly and kicks all those within range and follows up with a powerful slam to the ground.
Tumbling Monk
Using the secret arts of Tai Chi, Pan Da's drunken style roll will crush enemies, without the dizzying effect!
Oneness of Things

Pan Da is one with all that is around through years of meditation and training. With his ability to connect with all that is around him, he can pull his enemies into his immediate area and annihilate them.