Taichi Panda features a robust social multiplayer system, allowing players to interact, compete, and play together.

Player vs Player (PvP)Edit


Players can collect rare fragments and combine them to acquire valuable resources and Runes. However, sometimes you’ll be missing a piece, and you’ll have no choice but to steal it.


Players can pick from a list of potential targets to steal from. Next to each name is the chance that their victim will have it – for some it will be very likely, others highly improbable. This pick pocketing is done by the numbers, so be careful who you try to rob, powerful enemies are not easily defeated.


Anytime you feel the need to bust a skull or two, pop on the Arena to challenge your fellow players.


In the basic Arena, players can challenge the characters of fellow players at any time, fighting an AI controlled opponent. By defeating opponents, players can win rewards and experience, as well as improve their overall rank. Every day, the top 1000 ranked players will receive rewards in Gold and Reputation relative to their rank.

Real-Time ArenaEdit

To prove who is really the best, players can queue up to take on other players in real time, head-to-head brawls! Players can put their characters and their skill to the test in these contests. The highest ranked players receive special rewards, including PvP Tokens that can be exchanged at the PvP Store.

3 vs 3 BattlefieldEdit

On the battlefield, Honor is the highest…well, honor. Players can join up in teams of 3, either by inviting friends or queue-ing solo, to take on other teams in a 3v3 battle. Victorious teams will earn Honor, which can be redeemed for valuable rewards. The Battlefield is available at select times during the day.

Co-op GameplayEdit

Team DungeonsEdit

There are certain terrifying monsters that can just not be faced alone. In Team Dungeons, players can work together to defeat hordes of enemies and extremely powerful Bosses. In harder levels, added challenges increase the difficulty, requiring team work to be triumphant.


Players can form Guilds in game to work together, for Team Dungeons and Battlefields. Guilds can be a great way to organize team mates for multiplayer, and also to gain access to a special rewards through the Offering Hall and the Guild Store.