The Market is a special place where players can smelt their unwanted gear in exchange for valuable crystals, reforge unneeded fortified gear, and buy valuable materials with Crystals.


For any gear that is purple or higher, a player can choose to Smelt it in exchange for Gold, Siderite and Crystals. The rewards a player gets will be determined by the quality of the gear they are smelting.

Players just click “Add Equipment” to automatically add a piece of compatible gear, and then click “Smelt.”

Purple equipment gives the player 20 Crystals, orange quality 22 equipment gives 200, and orange 26 quality gives 500


There may come a time when the gear you’ve invested resources in Fortifying and Refining might not be the best piece of gear at your disposal. Rather than losing all those resources and experience, players can use the Reforge function in the Market to receive some of the resources, including Refinement Stones, that were already used on that gear.

Market WaresEdit

With the Crystals acquired through Smelting and Reforging, players can make purchases at the Market. The Market will feature a variety of items, including purple or orange equipment, shards, Refinement Stones, Gold, and Siderite, among others.

Timer and TokensEdit

When a player visits the market, there will be a set number of items available for sale. If they purchase any given item, that item will then be sold out.

The Market is constantly changing on a timer. After the timer counts down to zero, it will start over again, and the items of the Market will refresh, with new items available. An item sold out in the last cycle may become available again with the refresh.

Players can manually refresh the available items on the Market in order to get access to materials that they’ve already bought, or find new ones that aren’t immediately available. Players can do this by consuming a Market Token.