Valiant KnightEdit

-GamingSoon- Taichi Panda by Snail Games - Test Sword Class

-GamingSoon- Taichi Panda by Snail Games - Test Sword Class


Born and raised in the Glorious City, Lulandore is the successor to an ancient order of valiant knights. He has committed his life to the protection of his people and his home, and to uphold the honor of his order.

The Glorious City is an ancient metropolis situated in the center of the continent. Thanks to its location, it has long been the meeting place of peoples from the far corners of Avzar and in important center for trade. However, as the riches accumulated in the city, the dangers of thievery and mischief grew. The city elders established the Order of Valiant Knights to protect the kingdom and uphold the order.

It was in recent years that a sudden danger appeared throughout the land, and the Glorious City was no exception. The artifact to the city’s patron spirits disappeared without a trace, and the city fell into a malaise of despair. In order to restore the city to its glory and regain the honor of his order, Lulandore must set out to uncover the mystery behind the troubles that plague the land.


Relentless Chop

Lulandore swings his mighty blade with ruthless proficiency in front of him, slicing up enemies, and following up with a cataclysmic smash of his mighty blade for a finishing strike!

Fearless Charge

Lulandore charges forward recklessly. As he charges forward, he readies his mighty blade for an upwards slash!

Into the Breach

Lulandore launches himself and his mighty blade up into the air and slams down with the full force and weight of a fully armored knight!

Blade Rush

Lulandore starts to spin with abandon all the while gripping his mighty blade as he spins and devastates enemies around him.