Base Stats Edit

Health 3900 Damage 310

Skill Edit

Skill Description Base Output
Main Attack Sends out waves, each dealing 240% damage. tba
Undead Vortex Sideswipes targets, dealing 162% damage. Later slams weapon against the ground, dealing 324% damage and dealing multi-hit damage to levitated enemies, each hit dealing 81% damage. tba
Undead Legion Summons an Undead Archer with 80% of Hades's Attack and Health, an Undead Angel with 150% of Hades's Attack and 20% of Hades's Health, and an Undead Vampire with 20% of Hades's Attack and 150% of Hades's Health. Summoned units last 40 seconds. tba

Rare Skill Edit

Death Pact: For 5 seconds, Increases Damage Reduction by 2000. Cooldown is 10 seconds. Costs 100 Mana. Damage Reduction increases by 500 for every upgrade to the skill.


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