Fire is for the everyday, run of the mill dragon. This one packs a punch…with his lunch. Smelly, festering, poisonous spew – that’s how this scaly fellow deals with enemies.

Base StatsEdit

Base Stats
Health 3500
Damage 280


Skill Description Base Output
Basic Attack Spits out a venomous ball, dealing 150% damage to target. 420
Halitosis Spews its festering oral refuse over an area, dealing 53% damage every 0.3 seconds for 2 seconds and poisoning target (30% damage/second) Damage: 989

Poison: 93/sec

Life Wave Recovers hero’s health by 80% of pet’s damage 224 hero HP recover

Rare SkillEdit

Life Guard: For 10 seconds, Pet takes 50% of damage dealt to character.

You can learn more about how to calculate the damage from different skills by visiting the page on Calculating Damage