Taichi Panda is an action RPG game. As characters set off on their adventure, the game is played in two main areas: the Home City, and in Combat.

Home CityEdit

When not bashing your way through dungeons, players can navigate the home cities in an effort to manage their resources, complete missions, and upgrade their character.


1. Level SelectionEdit

Players can choose their next Level by clicking on the flag button on the left-hand side of the screen. After clicking, their character will walk to the special portal in the center of the Home City, and bring up the level selection menu.

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2. Multiplayer BarEdit

Taichi Panda has a number of fun multiplayer functions allowing you to play with fellow Taichi masters. The multiplayer bar allows you to choose among these different activities, which include:

  • Steal treasure fragments from fellow players, and combine them into valuable items
  • Take on the character of any player, any time with the Arena
  • Queue up for real-time 1v1 with the Real-time Arena
  • Fight in 3 on 3 battles with the Battle Arena
  • Team up with fellow players to complete challenges in Team Dungeons

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3. TasksEdit

When in the Home City, players can review their current Tasks. The Tasks come in two forms: Achievements and Daily Tasks.

Achievements are one time Tasks that players complete. They are often tied to the plot, guiding the player through their next step in the story. They also include such accomplishments as reaching certain levels, defeating particular bosses, etc.

Daily Tasks are smaller activities, such as completing a certain number of levels, leveling up a pet, etc. These tasks can be performed multiple times, but only earn a reward once a day.

4. Character Management BarEdit

Players can manage their character growth with the character management bar on the bottom of the screen. Here, players can ensure their character is the strongest they can be, with choices like:

  • Bag – not your mother’s purse, the bag menu allows you to manage and upgrade Equipment
  • Market – melt down gear for crystals, and purchase valuable gear at the Market
  • Runes – unlock powerful stat boosts by upgrading and socketing Runes
  • Skills – manage your character’s skills, and pet special skills
  • Commune with the Cosmos – collect celestial relics and meditate to gain special stat boosts with Commune with the Cosmos
  • Pets – Manage your Pets, including upgrading, creating new pets, and picking your teams
  • Guild – form a Guild with your friends

5. Account and BonusEdit

Along the right hand of the UI are several buttons for managing your account and getting bonuses. These include:

  • Settings – adjust your game settings to match your preferences
  • Chance Prizes – throw down some Gold or Gems for a chance at valuable gear
  • Shop – get your hands on some valuables and manage your VIP account

6. Character StatusEdit

Players can also see their current character status in the top-left corner. The icon shows their level, and also their current Constitution and Fortitude.


Taichi Panda has a fast-paced style of combat. Players fight through hordes of enemies, ultimately challenging powerful Bosses.


Taichi Panda has a two-handed touch screen control system. Players can control movement with their left hand by touching anywhere on the left-hand side of the screen. After touching the screen, a virtual joystick will appear, allowing players to control the direction of their movement. Pulling the joystick to its center, or letting go, will bring the hero to a halt.

Attack and skill buttons are on the right hand side. In the center is a large button for the basic attack, with the hero’s 4 skills forming a rim around it. If a player has unlocked their War Pet’s Rare Skills, those will appear next to their own skills as well.

If a player has multiple teams of War Pets, the different teams can be switched between by selecting the desired team’s icon on the left-hand side of the screen.

HP and StaminaEdit

In the top left corner is the character’s HP and Stamina bar. The HP is lost when the hero takes damage, with the hero dying when the HP reaches 0. Stamina is spent by using skills, and regained by landing Basic Attacks on enemies. Basic Attacks do not spend any stamina.

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With the exception of Basic Attacks, all skills have cool downs. After using a skill, this skill won’t be available until the cool down as completed. The cool down time is represented by a ticking number over the icon. Cool-downs also apply to War Pet skills, and also to switching between teams of War Pets.

Knockdowns and EffectsEdit

As players fight through mobs of enemies, they will discover that many skills have the ability to knock weaker enemies to their feet. The weaker an enemy, the easier they can be knocked to the ground. Once an enemy is knocked down, they are more vulnerable, and cannot attack until they get back on their feet. Knockdowns can be chained to deal multiple hits against a defenseless enemy. Players and Pets are also vulnerable to Knockdowns from certain skills or environmental hazards.

There are also a number of Effects that can add to the basic damage and knockdown mechanics. Players can unlock certain elemental effects, such as fire, lightning, and freezing, that will affect their enemies. Certain War Pets have abilities that cause effects, such as preventing the use of skills, immobilizing, or poisoning. Players and Pets are also vulnerable to these effects from enemies.

Boss Fights and Parry BreakEdit

Boss parry

When a Boss appears, a message will appear to warn players. The Boss’s Health and Parry bar will appear on the top of the screen. Unlike normal enemies, Boss’s have a Parry ability, making them invulnerable to Knockdown and many other effects. A Boss’s Parry bar can be brought down by landing Basic Attacks, but will be recovered when the Boss successfully hits the hero.

If a player can reduce the Parry to 0, the Boss will suffer a Parry Break, leaving them defenseless, unable to attack and subject to Knockdowns. The Parry Break will only last a few seconds, so it’s key to take advantage while the Boss is at it’s weakest.

In multiplayer PvP, players will also have the Parry ability added to their status bar. If they suffer a Parry Break, they will still be able to use skills, but will be vulnerable to Knockdowns.