Fox Mage Edit

Fox Mage is one of the playable Character in Taichi Panda.
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Fox Mage character

Her diminutive figure has her enemies underestimating her,a foolish tendency the Fox Mage uses to her advantage.

- Fox Mage bio


She uses what looks to be an old fashioned wand with a crystal on it.

She shoots a set of 1 fire ball, a set of 2 and a set of three and a straight row of 4 for her main attacks.

Special movesEdit

1.Hellstorm - Starts from four stacks of elements;increases the number of stacks overtime. Cooldown 8 seconds costing 100 mana

2.Cyclone - Creates a fiery tornado that levitates and pulls in enemies. Cooldown is 9 seconds,costing 110 mana

3.Transposition - Use to teleport foward,use to teleport back. Cooldown is 7 seconds costing 83 mana

4.Doomsday - Decreases damage taken by 80%.When used,you're immune to control debuffs. Cooldown is 25 seconds costing 220 mama