Types of GearEdit

Boots Rings
Necklaces Helmets Chest Armor Bracers

Quality of GearEdit

Image Quality Description
Green-but 1-2 Green gear - easiest to find, good to use for Fortify.
Blue-but 5-11 Blue gear - hardier and more valuable then green gear, good for use to Fortify higher level gear.
Purple-but 12-21 Purple gear - strong and rare gear, sometimes carrying special effects. When not in use, good for melting down for valuable crystals on the Market.
Orange-but 22+ Orange gear - the second rarest and most highly prized gear. Many bring special bonuses and Effects. Orange gear can form sets that offer extra bonuses. Extra gear can be put in the Belt to get more bonuses.
Titan 2
32+ Red gear - The rarest and most highly prized gear. Red gear typically reduces your Skill CD and costs a lot, and increases your Critical Resist/Hit and Damage% rates by a lot. Red Gear carries powerful bonuses when all the Red Gear is equipped

Upgrading GearEdit

There are three ways to upgrade your equipment in Taichi Panda: Fortification, Refinement, and Discovery.


Fortifying equipment requires two main resources: Gold and Equipment. The exception to this is if there is no equipment available to melt down, in which case a third resource called Siderite, which can be acquired in the world, can serve as a substitute.

All equipment begins at a Fortification level 1 when looted or earned. In the Fortify menu, players can pick from their available equipment to melt-down and Fortify into their selected gear. The higher the Quality of the gear being used, the more experience is gained. With each level of Fortification, the newly fortified equipment will become more powerful. Upon reaching certain thresholds, the equipment will get large stat boosts.


Refining equipment requires two main resources: Gold and Refinement Stones. In addition, at higher levels of refinement, it may also be necessary to have other materials, such as multiple sets of the gear being refined.

Of the two forms of equipment upgrades, Refinement is more potent, offering a larger boost for each level of Refinement. As equipment becomes increasingly Refined, it can unlock special attributes, including boosts to Crit Reduction, Net Damage, Crit Hit Rate, and elemental effects.

ref 1

ref 2

ref 3

ref 4

ref 5

ref 6

ref 7

ref 8

ref 9

ref 10 Total
Q26 Gear 20 stones 80 stones 150 stones 400 stones 600 stones

1 Gear

900 stones

1 Gear

1200 stones

1 Gear

2000 stones

2 Gear

4000 stones

3 Gear

5000 stones

4 Gear

14350 stones

12 Gear

Discovery Edit

Unlocked at lvl 65, Gear Discovery uses Refinement Stones and Lunar Tears – found in new levels and Mega Boss battles – to increase the quality of your gear.

1st Discovery 2nd Discovery 3rd Discovery 4th Discovery Total
Q26 Gear 200 stones

80 tears

800 stones

500 tears

2,000 stones

2,000 tears

4,000 stones

4,000 tears

7,000 stones

6,580 tears

Titan Gear 800 stones

800 tears

2,000 stones

2,000 tears

4,000 stones

4,000 tears

7,000 stones

7,000 tears

13,800 stones

13,800 tears

Outfits Edit

Outfits are a way to make your character look different and to give them more power.


Throughout the world, you may find pieces of gear that aren't quite whole. Don't throw it in the trash! These shards can be collected together, and when you get a enough of the pieces you can combine them into a whole piece of gear! Other way you can sell shards for 5k each.