Playable Characters Edit

There are 6 different playable characters in the game:

First one is the Warrior which is specialized in melee fighting. [Needs further explanation by an experienced Warrior player]

Second is the fox mage with range attacks and an effective evasion skill. A great choice for Megaboss and can also be a pain in the ass to fight against in PvP. However it can be outplayed fairly easy by other classes.

Third is Panda Priest which mixes buff skills and long range attacks up with one super effective damage skill. However except the one high damage skill all other skills deal rather low damage. When played properly it can be nearly indestructible as its healing abilities can outheal most of the damage dealt to the character.

Fourth is the Taichi Panda. Taichi Pandas use melee attacks but also come along with high range melee skills. Its skills deal heavy damage however it is predictable and can be evaded easily. Ranged classes have heavy advantages against Pandas.

Fifth is the Treasure Hunter. Even though it uses melee attacks and skills its rather easy for this class to close up with enemies. Experienced players can do excessive damage in MB and PvP when playing this character. It also has a very effective evasion skill and two skills that allow preventing from debuffs such as stun, silence, sleep etc. However, there might be a nerf on this class soon.

Sixth is the Gunslinger. Gunslingers can buff their normal attacks with one of the three weapon attributes [Electric, Freeze, Fire]. Additional he comes along with two high damage skills and an evasion skill. However this class needs lots of experience to compete in PvP. High skilled players are about equal strong as high skilled fox mages.

Seventh is the Ninja. Ninjas can use their skills to teleport and strike behind enemies, which is useful against enemies with an Aegis. He is fast, and powerful, using mostly melee attacks, with their skills being able to teleport behind an enemy within 6-7 meters and deal high damage. Even if you are not in range, you can use his third skill to teleport 7 meters two times.

Eighth is the Avenger.he is a slow but high damage and health brute who is the newest character of 2018 he is a demon type hero who turned from bad to good he has 4 different special moves one is where he swings his weapon (which is a spear) the second move is where he spins his weapon pulling everything in and you tap and he slams down the third is where he charges forwards with his weapon and then he slashes it from behind you the fourh is where he makes a limtied shield and you can tap the icon to break it and make a shockwave overall he is a powerful character who is a scary opponent to even the most skilled players



Major Characters Edit

  • Vallar – A powerful prophet whose mysterious disappearance has left the world in chaos
  • Aria - The disciple of Vallar, who has lost the Sight from a dark curse and must now search thoughout the land for clues to Vallar's disappearance
  • Kazin- A boy genius whose studies have begun to reveal the nature of the worldly imbalance
  • Korin - Hands in many pockets and eggs in many baskets, the merchant Korin knows how to find a vaulable or two
  • Melody – The player's special guide as they explore the world and take on new challenges