One really easy and fast way to get your hands on some awesome gear is to take a gamble on Chance Prizes. In Chance Prizes, you spend an amount of money for a random item. You may not get the one you want, but you may get something really great! The Chance Prizes come in two types: Great and Epic.


Great PrizesEdit

In this grouping, you can get prizes including Blue Gear, Purple Gear, Orange Gear, Surge Pills, and Soulstones for certain Pets.

Epic PrizesEdit

For Epic Prizes, you can get really rare and special types of equipment. Sometimes you'll get Purple or regular Orange Gear, but other times you'll get rare high-level Orange Gear, as well as Soul Stones for the most powerful pets!

Single vs BatchEdit

For either type of reward, you can choose to get a single random item, or a batch of 10 random items. The costs are different between the two, with a batch of 10 costing less than the sum of 10 individual prizes.

Free TimerEdit

There are timers for the Chance Prizes, which once they have counted down to zero will give a free chance at an individual prize!