Battle RoyaleEdit

Battle Royale is a type of multiplayer gaming types on Taichi Panda.

it is a battle between servers, 25 players on each team with a few minutes to prove they can beat the enemy server.

it is located in the third page of the fortitude section. 

the team with the most points wins.


requirments for this are easy, you have to be level 45.

to go in, each player will receive 2 tickets each morning and when you have 4, you will be able to participate, when you do, it may take a minute so be patient.

this event goes till 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM each day and one battle will begin each hour for players to battle.

Spawn insEdit

the type's of spawn ins are simple and complicated at the same time.

25 + 25 players spawn in obviously, and then at certain times CPUs spawn in. At about 16:00 a boss will spawn in the upper left corner whereas at 12:00 one spawns in the lower right corner.

At 10:00 which is the middle of the game, a boss like CPU will spawn in and spawn in the middle of the map, this boss will have lots of health (about as much as a mega boss has) and will don serious damage, but when your battling this CPu, you will also have to deal with enemy players who can try and steal the kill and kill you, so you better be wise about this spawn in character.


each team can get points by killing players, killing CPUs and killing the Boss.

Normal NPCs give 7points, players give you 100points, assisting in a player kill gets you 50points

the two smaller bosses give your team 3k points each, whilst every player that participated in the kill gets 800points. The big boss gives your team 30k points and every player that participated in the kill gets 1200points.


Rewards for this type of battle include chests (mostly gold chests), runes, and points to spend at the shop similar to Team Instance, etc.